Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New items up!

Chicken with Plums
Huntress: Year One
The Devil's Panties vol 2
The Beats
Ode to Kirihito
Britten and Brülightly
American Splendor: Another Dollar
Why Are You Doing This?
Waltz with Bashir: A Lebanon War Story

Friday, March 20, 2009

New items and a short review

New Titles:
Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives volume 4
Fuzz and Pluck: Splitsville
Apollo's Song
Uzumaki volume 1
Black Jack volumes 1-4
Deathnote volumes 9 and 10
Vagabond volume 3
Claymore volumes 4-5
Halloween: Nightdance
The Left Bank

We also have two additional copies of Moore's Watchmen. Having seen the movie, I must say it is very faithful to the comic. Some scenes feel as if the comic frame was lifted right from the page and put on the screen. The movie is as hard to watch as the graphic novel is hard to read. All the grit, pain, fear, and sadness are all there. The ending is changed in the movie and even as a die hard fan, I can understand why they changed it and it makes sense. Feel free to weigh in in our comments section but please try to avoid spoilers as the movie hasn't been out all that long.